Custom Notebooks – Made In The UK

Fancy kitting out the whole workforce with HB Handbooks? Why not add a bespoke touch? Here at HB Handbooks, we offer customers the ability to order unique HB Handbooks designed specifically to their liking.

If you own a business which you believe would benefit from our range of HB Handbooks, get in touch and we’ll help you create something special. We’re able to make a variety of amendments to our products including changes to –

  • The type of paper – lined, squared, dotted or plain.
  • The cover type – Smooth white cardboard, white recycled cardboard or grey recycled cardboard.
  • The HB Handbook size - A6 or A5. Other sizes can be made available upon request.
  • Printed materials – We can incorporate your company’s logo and colour scheme onto a bespoke HB Handbook. We can even amend our reference guides to create something more suited to your business model.

Get in touch today if you’re thinking of making use of our bespoke notebook service. We can work directly with you in order to produce a quality design that you and your employees can be proud of.