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About HB Handbook

A Simple Notebook Concept

The HB Handbook was born through a simple discussion between friends. As a graphic designer, Matt was never seen without a notebook to hand. It acted as a means for him to mock-up concepts for apparel designs at will. In every notebook Matt used, he would always make handy reference notes in the front and back covers.

Matt turned to his friend Ben one day in order to get his opinion on a recent design. Within his notebook, Ben noticed the reference notes that Matt had made. “Why don’t you get your own notepad printed up, with reference notes in them?” This was the question that followed and the moment the idea for the HB Handbook was formulated. A simple concept at first, which grew into something larger than the two would have ever imagined.

The Customer Is Always Right

Today, Matt and Ben work closely with people from various professions to create new and exciting HB Handbooks. HB Handbooks are versatile, they can be used as work notebooks, notepads, journals, memo books and more. They offer plenty of space for professionals to work within and handy guides to help keep up the pace.

The very first HB Handbook was created by designers, for designers and the same formula applies for every single edition. It’s useless to make assumptions, why not let the customers decided what to include? They say the customer is always right and we agree. The Chef HB Handbook for example was created with the help and advice of numerous chefs throughout the UK.

HB Handbooks, Made To Benefit Us All

Millions of trees are felled every year in order to produce countless tons of paper; this is something which we did not want to be a part of. Every HB Handbook is made from 100% recycled materials and is manufactured entirely here in the UK. For us, there was no other option but to produce our HB Handbooks in a clean and eco-friendly manner.

We don’t believe in worker exploitation and will never turn to overseas production just to reduce labour costs. Those who dedicate their time to creating HB Handbooks are paid a fair living wage and this will never change. Every HB Handbook you purchase, helps us to support our workers and sets an example for fair working opportunities; for this we thank you.

The production of HB Handbooks will forever remain fair and environmentally friendly, this is our promise to you.

HB Handbooks, made for the professionals by the professionals.