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The Engineer HB Handbook - Mechanical Engineer Notebook 3 Pack

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For the optimist, the glass is half full, the pessimist, half empty and for the engineer, the glass is half as big as it needs to be. Engineers hate wasted space. As such, we’ve developed “The Engineer” HB Handbook. Full of tools and useful reference guides that nobody but engineers understand (It’s okay, we had actual engineers look at them and we’re pretty sure they make sense).

Small enough to fit in a top pocket and packed full of free space in desperate need of utilisation. “The Engineer” HB Handbook, comes in sets of 3, meaning that you can draw, calculate or simply take notes depending on the task at hand.

Engineer Notebook 3 Pack Specifications

  • A6 Notepad in packs of 3 Squared Paper
  • Featuring trigonometric functions, measurement & fractional conversions on the cover.
  • Handy ruler and protractor printed on the cover.
  • 300gsm brown recycled cover – For the eco-friendly engineer
  • Printed cover inside and out – Utilisation of all space, which we know makes you engineers happy.
  • 80gsm off-white recycled squared paper – for engineering designs and equations that make regular people’s brains hurt.
  • Stapled square spines
  • 48 pages – That’s per notepad!

The Engineer HB Handbook Product Description

Don’t deny that the true reason you became an engineer, was to build yourself a fully functioning Iron Man suit. Perhaps one day you’ll finally get around to it, if you ever find a glimmer of free time.

In reality, engineering is less Iron Man suits and a lot more mathematical equations. Sure you’re not flying around, blowing things up, but at least you can use trigonometry to decipher how much water is needed to fill a semi-circular aquarium. 

Yes, engineering involves a lot of math, and as such any good engineer needs a quality notebook to problem solve in. Introducing “The Engineer” HB Handbook, the ideal companion for any professional or aspiring engineer. It’s not just a place for differential equations, it’s a lifeline for those times when you’re almost completely burnt out. Full of no nonsense reference guides, for when the brain farts take over and enough pages to fill your waste paper bin. HB Handbooks come in sets of three, so scrawl over and tear out pages to your hearts content.

Forgotten how to convert measurements? You have been working hard. Not to worry, HB Handbooks has you covered. We’ve even put a ruler on the back cover! Yep, we’ve thought of everything an engineer could want from a notebook. We know you engineers love efficiency and as such, we’ve packed a lot into this A6 HB Handbook.

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