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The Chef HB Handbook - Chef Notebook 3 Pack

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The Chef HB Handbook is the ultimate cooking assistant. All chefs need a place to write. Whether they're making notes for restocking or devising the next legendary dish, a notebook is a must. Compact and full of guidance. Big enough to devise a piece de resistance, yet small enough to fit in a pocket. Tried, tested and approved by chefs worldwide. “The Chef” HB Handbook is the ultimate companion for the person that never gets to sit down.

Chef Notebook 3 Pack Specifications

  • A6 Notepad in packs of 3 – Because you’ve got more ideas in your head than the Larousse Gastronomique.
  • 300gsm brown recycled cover – A beautiful light brown, like a ganache with too much cream.
  • Printed inside and out – Full of handy reference guides. Never forget the essentials and save some brain space for new and creative swear words.
  • 80gsm off-white recycled lined paper – Not as bright as those lovely chef whites.
  • Stapled square spines
  • 48 pages – plenty of space for your next big idea.

The Chef HB Handbook Product Description

That’s right, it’s another HB Handbook and this time the Chefs are getting the treatment. With more lines than Chef Ramsay and more tips than Guy Fieri’s scalp, this HB Handbook’s cooking up a storm! Make notes, make designs, make paper airplanes for all we care (just don’t throw them near the grill).

HB Handbook The Chef, is small, compact and tidy (like a well-constructed amuse-bouche). It’s designed specifically to fit into black and white checked trousers and is made of 100% recycled paper. Say goodbye to napkins scrawled with notes and recipe books larger than those regulars at the all you can eat buffet. 

Chefs are a proud race and hate to admit that sometimes notes can be useful. As such, we’ve compiled a short collection of handy notes to refer to in secrecy. Keep your HB Handbook with you at all times, take a trip to the walk in fridge and whip it out of your checked trousers! Erm… we meant the handbook. Inside the front and back cover, you’ll find notes referring to oven temperatures, food storage, weight conversions and more. There’s no nonsense, just facts, plain and simple. You’re a chef after all and haven’t got precious time to waste like those desk jockeys do.

Need to make an order for restock? This HB Handbook is ideal for carrying with you whilst noting down what you’re running low on. You don’t want a whopping great pillow of a notepad between your legs, whilst moving twelve tons of sliced tomatoes, in order to check how many lemons are left. 

The HB Handbook is a Chef’s best friend in the kitchen. It never forgets a thing and it’s always reliable (unlike the new pot wash). Just like the new pot wash however, it can’t wash dishes either, but it can tell you how many ramakins were broken in the past week.

Got a killer idea for a new special, but need to visualise it properly? Grab yourself a pen or pencil and get to work in your new HB Handbook. Gin and beetroot cured, oak smoked salmon! Sounds delicious; even if it does look like a dinosaurs tongue in your picture.

The HB handbook is brilliant for taking along to food conventions and festivals. If you’ve spotted a great idea that needs plagiarising, a HB Handbook can act as your trusty accomplice. Fill it full of notes and take it back to your lair… kitchen. Then recreate what you saw and charge triple the price for it. You evil culinary genius, you!

This notepad is tried, tested and approved by chefs worldwide. You can’t cook without this notebook!

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