Use Your HB Handbook to Create a Commonplace Book

There’s plenty of ways to use your HB Handbook and we’re always fascinated with the creative ways our customers choose to use them. If you’re looking for some new ideas on how you can utilise a HB Handbook to your advantage, why not have a go at creating a commonplace book?

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What is a Commonplace Book?

A commonplace book is essentially a scrapbook. It’s a compilation of anything and everything which you deem worthy enough to place inside it. Regular contents within a commonplace book include recipes, facts, quotes, musings, formulas, new words and more. Anything which you believe could be beneficial for use in later life can be placed in a commonplace book. Commonplace books aren’t just limited to words, they can also include sketches or anything else which helps you to visualise and reflect on ideas.

By creating a commonplace book with your HB Handbook, you can expand upon the handy reference guides which we’ve already chosen to include. Chefs, for example, could benefit by including specific measurements and recipes related to food which they commonly cook or would like to try cooking. They may also want to note down particular foods of interest, which they can refer to at a later time.

Who Can Benefit From a Commonplace Book?

Absolutely anybody could benefit from owning a commonplace book. Commonplacing is a technique which has been utilised by great minds for centuries. The word commonplace derives from the Latin term “locus communis” meaning “a theme or argument of general application”. Originally commonplace books were no more than a collection of sayings, however, its definition has broadened widely over time.

Famous people of note who have owned commonplace books include H.P. Lovecraft, Francis Bacon, Thomas Jefferson and Nancy Cunard to name a few. A commonplace book can help you to improve upon areas of your day to day life. Many people have found that it has helped them to collect their ideas enough in order to improve upon areas of work and throughout general social activities.

A HB Handbook Makes A Great Commonplace Books.

Essentially, a HB Handbook is a skeletal form of a commonplace book. We’ve started by adding handy reference guides to benefit you from day to day, all you need to do is add to it. Personalise your HB Handbook to truly make it your own. We encourage our customers to take their HB Handbooks with them everywhere. This is an integral part of forming a commonplace book. Once you learn something of interest, it’s best to note it down straight away so as to avoid forgetting it later on.

Everybody’s commonplace book is different, you need to structure it in a way that suits you. While tips can be useful, trial and error is the best approach in order to determine this. In time you’ll learn how you like your commonplace book to be composed. Try highlighting key materials, incorporating text boxes, bullet points and subheadings. This can help to lay out your thoughts in a clearer manner.

Take a look at the HB Handbook range today and find the perfect one to suit your particular needs.

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