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Welcome to HB Handbook - Notebooks, Memo Books, Planners, Journals & Notepads Made in the UK

Searching for work notebooks, notepads, journals, memo books or planners? More than just a notebook, a HB Handbook is a companion for professionals. Not only does it provide a space to jot down your most brilliant ideas, it’s also full of handy reference guides. Technology can fail you, paper however will never be obsolete. A HB Handbook is stylish, compact and efficient. Make notes, make references and get to work.

We created HB Handbooks as a means to aid and inspire professionals from all walks of life. Our aim is to eventually create enough HB Handbooks to benefit everybody. From carpenters to clowns, we want all of you to get the same HB Handbook treatment. This isn’t some generic notebook, it’s a lifeline. For those times when all you need is to quickly look something up, or write something down.

Our reference guides are tried, tested and approved by professionals worldwide. They’re not created through assumptions, we specifically asked those in the field, what they wanted to see in a HB Handbook. As such, we only ever include useful information which is quick and easy to refer to. When time is of the essence, a quick reference is all you need. We’re not trying to break down every minuscule detail, that’s what the internet’s for.

HB Handbook Testimonials

I love "The Designer" HB Handbook. I was one of the lucky few to test out the first edition. The dotted paper is awesome for logo mockups and I use the paper size guide all the time. The lined paper handbook is great for noting client deadlines.

Lewis Ryan Art

Received the HB Handbook today and I must say I’m impressed. This handbook is fantastic for mechanical engineers. I have already recommended them to friends and will be back to buy more!

Christopher Blakemore

The HB handbook is a helpful little companion for any creative on the go. Sometimes a digital note or spreadsheet just doesn't cut it and using this handbook as a mini journal the past few weeks has been very cathartic.

Paul Friemel, Ript Apparel

Great for working on the move. As a busy chef, I don’t get much time to stop. The HB Handbook, provides everything I need and more. I particularly like the quick lookup section on the back page.

Gary Shaw

The HB Handbook is an imperative element in my designs of Global World Domination™ serving as the vessel in which my various schemes and machinations are contained.

teeVillain (himself)